Hiphop Jewelry

Hip hop jewelry has never been more popular than it is today. And if you're in the know with the culture that surrounds it, you'll be more than aware that rappers and their managing executives are currently favouring the 'Jesus piece' pendant. In the recent past the pendant has been made in gold, silver and platinum, suspended on huge Cuban linked chains. Recently a new style of hip hop jewelry has been seen in all the right places. Rappers JayZ and Kanye West have been sporting the black Jesus piece. And of course, because they're wearing them, everyone wants one. Unfortunately it seems that we're all in for a very long wait. No one is really sure how these outstanding and unique pieces are put together. Previously, they have been made from traditional precious metals and studded with precious gem stones such as diamonds, amethysts and multi-colored stones. In the crafting of these unique pieces of black bling, they appear to have a black finish which is then finished with stunning black gem stones, resulting in a very sophisticated piece of jewelry. These pieces don't shout wealth. They whisper class and style.

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